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Download Language: English

Product Line: PXI/CompactPCI

Version: 1.1

Release date: 03-01-2011

Software type: Utility

Operating system: Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP 32-bit


The Multi-Device PXI_Clk10 Disciplining library enables the ability to discipline the PXI chassis' 10 MHz clock from a suitable timebase (e.g., GPS, IEEE-1588, IRIG-B, etc). These VIs must be used with two timing modules. These module combinations are listed in the Multi-Device PXI_Clk10 Disciplining user manual.

Installation Instructions

The Multi-Device PXI_Clk10 Disciplining software requires NI-Sync 3.1 or above. The Multi-Device PXI_Clk10 Disciplining software supports LabVIEW 8.6.1 or above.

There is no additional software installation. You need only to include the VI library with your program or application. E.g., copy this library onto your desktop or current project's hierarchy. 

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