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Download Language: English

Product Line: Instrument Drivers/IVI

Version: 2.1

Release date: 10-01-2003

Software type: Driver

Operating system: Windows XP; Windows ME; Windows 2000; Windows 98; Windows NT


The IVI Compliance Package is a software package that contains IVI class drivers and the support libraries necessary for the development and use of applications that leverage IVI instrument interchangeability. The IVI Compliance Package also is based on and is compliant with the latest version of the instrument programming specifications defined by the IVI Foundation. You can use the IVI class drivers in the IVI Compliance Package with IVI specific drivers. If you do not meet the minimum system requirements listed below, please download the NI IVI Engine Package 2.0 from ni.com. * Minimum System Requirements: * Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0/ME/98 or later * Windows NT 4.0 users only: Windows Service Pack 6 * Internet Explorer 4.0.1 * Windows 98 users only: DCOM 98. * PC using at least a 200 MHz Pentium class or higher microprocessor * Minimum of 64 MB of RAM * 150 MB of free hard disk space

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