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Samples Per Symbol

    Last Modified: February 6, 2018

    Samples per symbol determine the acquisition bandwidth. The bandwidth occupied by the transmitted signal is based on the modulation type, symbol rate, and pulse-shaping filter used. To successfully perform demodulation, the analyzer must acquire the complete bandwidth. The analyzer uses the following equations to acquire the bandwidth.

    Acquisition Bandwidth = 0.8 * Acquisition Sample Rate

    Acquisition Sample Rate= Min(Samples per Symbol * Symbol Rate, Max Device I/Q Rate)

    If Samples per Symbol is not specified or is set to Auto (-1), the analyzer uses the values shown in the following table.

    Modulation Type Samples per Symbol = Auto (-1) Pulse Shaping Filter
    ASK, PSK, QAM 4 Raised Cosine, Root-Raised Cosine
    ASK, PSK, QAM 8 Rectangular
    Offset QPSK 8 Raised Cosine, Root-Raised Cosine, Rectangular
    FSK, MSK 8 Gaussian, Raised Cosine, Root-Raised Cosine, Rectangular

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