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Connecting Signals to Digital I/O

    Last Modified: May 14, 2018

    The digital lines can be configured as input or output. Each channel includes an RC filter, protection circuitry, and a programmable pull resistor. When an NI ELVIS III application board is detected, they are all automatically configured as pull-up resistors. The following table shows the channel mapping.

    Table 1. Digital I/O Signal Mapping
    Application Board Terminals Signals
    Bank A A/DIO0, ..., A/DIO19 DIO 0, ..., DIO 19
    Bank B B/DIO0, ..., B/DIO19 DIO 0, ..., DIO 19
    DGND Digital Ground

    Use DGND for digital signals and power supplies only.

    Refer to the NI ELVIS III Prototyping Board section on how to access these signals on the NI ELVIS III prototyping board.

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