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Setting Access Restrictions for Class Methods

Last Modified: August 6, 2018

The access scope of a class method determines whether you can use the method on the diagram of a VI that is not on the class member list.

Complete the following steps to determine where you can use a class method.

  1. Open the Member List of the class G Type document.
  2. Select the method on the Member List.
  3. On the Item tab, select an Access scope option.
    Option Description
    Public Any VI in your project can access the method.
    Private Only VIs that are members of the same class can access the method.
    Protected Any VI that is a member of the same class or a child class can access the method.
    Community Specific VIs that you choose can access the method.

    This access scope option is primarily for testing. Your final class structure should not contain methods with community scope set.

  4. To apply the change, save the class G Type document.

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