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Convert Thermocouple Reading (G Dataflow)

Last Modified: March 15, 2017

Converts a thermocouple voltage into a temperature value.


type of excitation

The voltage and current reference.

Name Value Description
Voltage Reference 0 Specifies using a voltage reference.
Current Reference 1 Specifies using a current reference.

Default: Voltage Reference



A waveform of voltages read from a thermocouple.

This input supports waveform and double-precision, floating-point data types.


thermocouple type

The type of the thermocouple. Refer to your thermocouple user manual for more information about thermocouple types.

Name Value Description
B 0 Specifies a type B thermocouple.
E 1 Specifies a type E thermocouple.
J 2 Specifies a type J thermocouple.
K 3 Specifies a type K thermocouple.
R 4 Specifies a type R thermocouple.
S 5 Specifies a type S thermocouple.
T 6 Specifies a type T thermocouple.
N 7 Specifies a type N thermocouple.

Default: J


CJC voltage

The cold-junction compensation (CJC) reference voltage.

Default: 0


CJC sensor

The type of cold-junction compensation (CJC) sensor you are using.

Name Value Description
IC Sensor 0 Specifies an integrated circuit (IC) sensor.
Thermistor 1 Specifies a thermistor.

Default: IC Sensor


temperature units

The units of temperature this node outputs.

Name Value Description
Celsius 0 Returns temperature values in Celsius.
Fahrenheit 1 Returns temperature values in Fahrenheit.
Kelvin 2 Returns temperature values in Kelvin.
Rankine 3 Returns temperature values in Rankine.

Default: Celsius



The temperature value in the units specified in temperature units.

This output returns a waveform or double-precision, floating-point data type depending on the data type of the voltage input.

Where This Node Can Run:

Desktop OS: Windows

FPGA: This product does not support FPGA devices

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