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    Last Modified: September 9, 2016

    Generates or manipulates plots.

    Generates a new plot.
    Clears the current plot window. If no plot window exists, clfig creates a new plot window.
    Clears the current figure or creates a new figure if no figure exists.
    Closes figures.
    Generates a new plot window or activates a plot window.
    Adds or removes a grid on an existing plot.
    Determines whether a new plot can overwrite an existing plot.
    Plots an image.
    Returns the current hold state.
    Adds a legend to the current plot.
    Adds a line to the current plot.
    Displays a double-logarithmic plot. MathScript uses a logarithmic scale for both axes.
    Generates a plot.
    Generates a polar coordinates plot.
    Generates a plot with a logarithmic x-scale.
    Generates a plot with a logarithmic y-scale.
    Brings the current plot window to the front.
    Returns matrices you can use to plot stairstep graphs.
    Generates a stem plot. You can use stem plots to display an impulse response.
    Generates a plot window with multiple plots.
    Adds a title to the current plot.
    Labels the x-axis of a plot.
    Sets or returns the range of the x-scale.
    Labels the y-axis of a plot.
    Sets or returns the range of the y-scale.

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