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Triggers: Interacting with the Environment Within a Workbook

    Last Modified: January 6, 2016

    Adding triggers to a workbook allows the user to interact with the project from within the pages of the workbook.

    You can use triggers to perform actions such as:

    • Run or stop a VI
    • Highlight a palette item
    • Highlight a tab in the Navigation Pane or the Configuration Pane
    • Open a document or project

    There are two types of triggers: button and transition triggers.

    Button triggers are buttons that a user can click to perform an interaction with the environment. For example, you can add a button trigger that a user can click to highlight the Run button.

    Transition triggers are actions that occur when a user enters or exits a page in a workbook. For example, you can add a transition trigger to a page to automatically open a VI when a user enters that specific page in the workbook.

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