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Interpolates points in a 1D array that represents a 2D non-descending graph. This node compares a threshold to the values in an array, starting at a specified index, until it finds a pair of consecutive elements such that the threshold is greater than the value of the first element and less than or equal to the value of the second element.


array of numbers or points

An array of numbers or an array of points where each point is a cluster of x- and y-coordinates.

If this input is an array of numbers, this node assumes the x-coordinates are the same as the indexes of the array itself.

If this input is an array of points, this node uses the second elements in the clusters, or the y-coordinates, to obtain a fractional index that it then uses to interpolate the corresponding x value.


threshold y

The threshold value for the node. If threshold y is less than or equal to the array value at start index, the node returns start index for fractional index or x. If threshold y is greater than every value in the array, the node returns the index of the last value. If the array is empty, the node returns NaN.


start index

The index to start interpolation.

Default: 0—The node returns the result calculated from the entire array rather than a specified section of the array.


fractional index or x

The interpolated result calculated for the array of numbers or points 1D input array.

If array of numbers or points is an array of points where each point is a cluster of x- and y-coordinates, fractional index or x is the interpolated x value corresponding to the interpolated position of threshold y among the y-coordinates, rather than the fractional index of the array. fractional index or x returns the interpolated x value associated with the given y value if you graphed the points.