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    Filters an input sequence using a specified direct-form FIR filter.



    A Boolean value that specifies how this node initializes the internal states. To process a large data sequence that consists of smaller blocks, set this input to FALSE for the first block and to TRUE for continuous filtering of all remaining blocks.

    TRUE This node initializes the internal states to the final states from the previous call to this instance of the node.
    FALSE This node initialized the internal states to 0.

    Default: FALSE



    The sequence of samples to filter.

    Default: Empty array


    FIR coefficients

    The coefficients of the FIR filter.

    If you do not wire a value to this input, the node does not perform filtering and instead returns x as the value of filtered x.

    Default: Empty array—Prevents this node from filtering x.


    filtered x

    An array of filtered samples.



    A value that represents any error or warning that occurs when this node executes.