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    Creates an array of repeated copies of the input.


    d = repeatmx(a, b)
    d = repeatmx(a, b, c)
    d = repeatmx(a, b, c, ...)
    d = repeatmx(a, v)
    Legacy name: repmat



    Input array whose elements get repeated. a is a scalar or an array of any dimension of any data type.


    Number of times the rows of a are repeated in d. b is a positive integer.


    Number of times the columns of a are repeated in d. c is a positive integer.


    Further parameters for specifying the number of elements in higher dimensions. You can replace one parameter for any dimension with an empty array, for example, reshapemx([1,2,3,4,5,6], 2, []). The array then is a placeholder for an unspecified size. MathScript uses the array size and the reshape size to calculate the unspecified size automatically.


    Vector with number of rows, columns, and further dimensions. v must contain non-negative integer values.



    Block array of b by c by ....