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Create text entry boxes and labels or enter or return the location of a file or directory.

Which Text Control Should I Use?

Use Control
Enter string data. String Control
Display string data. String Indicator
Enter the location of a file or directory. Path Control
Display the location of a file or directory. Path Indicator
Create free floating text that you can use as a label or annotation. Text
Enter or display a URL hyperlink. Hyperlink Control

When Does My Entered Text Pass to the Diagram?

By default, new or changed text does not pass to the diagram until you terminate the edit session. At run time, terminate the edit session by clicking elsewhere on the panel or by pressing Ctrl-Enter. If you select Limit to Single Line, carriage returns are not allowed, and clicking Enter terminates the session.

Should I Use an Absolute or Relative Path?

If possible, use a relative path. A relative path describes the location of a file or directory relative to an arbitrary location in the file system. By using a relative path, you avoid having to rework the paths if you build an application or run the code on a different computer.