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Aligns the targets participating in synchronization before synchronizing a signal.


clock x2

Measurement clock used by the measurement logic. This clock must run at twice the rate of the FPGA Clock, which is the clock that drives the clock-driven loop (CDL) that this node is in. This clock must also derive from the FPGA Clock so that it has a fixed phase relationship. This clock is commonly Data Clock x2.


sync.fpga io in

The FPGA I/O line to receive the measurement signals on. This line is commonly the PPS TRIG IN line.


sync.resources 2

The same instance that was passed in for sync.resources.



The synchronization instance. sync.resources is obtained from the Create node.


common reference

The "start" signal used by the measurement logic. When you use the FPGA Align node, the common reference must be the same clock to which the FPGA clock of the target is locked.


sync.fpga io signal out

The signal to send out over an FPGA I/O line. This line is commonly the PPS TRIG OUT line. Wire this output into an input of the FPGA IO Out for Star node.