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CompactRIO Controller Manual

    Last Modified: September 6, 2018

    The CompactRIO Controller Manual contains getting started information, features, model specifications and other information to help you operate your controller.

    PDF Documentation

    Information found in the CompactRIO Controller Manual is also available in the following PDFs:

    cRIO-904x cRIO-905x
    cRIO-904x Getting Started Guide cRIO-905x Getting Started Guide
    cRIO-904x User Manual cRIO-905x User Manual

    To access other PDF documentation, go to and search using your controller model number.

    Top Tasks

    What do you want to do? Where to go
    cRIO-904x cRIO-905x
    Find out the software and versions you need for your host computer and resources for checking software compatibility. Installing Software on the Host Computer Installing Software on the Host Computer
    Learn how to install software on your CompactRIO controller. Installing Software on the Controller Installing Software on the Controller
    Learn how to create a LabVIEW project for your CompactRIO with DAQmx application. Using the cRIO-904x in LabVIEW Using the cRIO-905x in LabVIEW
    Find out which CompactRIO with DAQmx programming mode is best for your application. Choosing Your Programming Mode

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