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Digital Output

    Last Modified: February 26, 2018

    To generate digital output, install a digital output C Series module in any slot on the cRIO controller. The generation specifications, such as the number of channels, channel configuration, update rate, and output range, are determined by the type of C Series module used. For more information, refer to the documentation included with your C Series module(s).

    With parallel digital output modules (formerly known as hardware-timed modules), you can do multiple software-timed tasks on a single module, as well as mix hardware-timed and software-timed digital output tasks on a single module. On serial digital output modules (formerly known as static digital output modules), you cannot mix hardware-timed and software-timed tasks, but you can run multiple software-timed tasks.

    You may have a hardware-timed task or a software-timed task include channels from multiple modules, but a hardware-timed task may not include a mix of channels from both parallel and serial modules. Multiple timing engines allow the cRIO controller to run up to eight hardware-timed digital output tasks simultaneously, each using independent timing and triggering configurations. The eight output timing engines are ot0, ot1,…ot7. All eight of the output timing engines are shared between analog output and digital output tasks, allowing up to 8 hardware-timed output tasks.

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