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Counters with NI-DAQmx

    Last Modified: February 26, 2018

    The cRIO controller has four general-purpose 32-bit counter/timers and one frequency generator. The general-purpose counter/timers can be used for many measurement and pulse generation applications. The figure below shows the cRIO controller Counter 0 and the frequency generator. All four counters on the cRIO controller are identical.

    Figure 1. Controller Counter 0 and Frequency Generator

    Counters have eight input signals, although in most applications only a few inputs are used.

    For information about connecting counter signals, refer to the Default Counter/Timer Routing section.

    Each counter has a FIFO that can be used for buffered acquisition and generation. Each counter also contains an embedded counter (Embedded Ctrn) for use in what are traditionally two-counter measurements and generations. The embedded counters cannot be programmed independent of the main counter; signals from the embedded counters are not routable.

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