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Connecting the Controller to Power

    Last Modified: September 20, 2018

    Use this topic to learn how to properly wire your cRIO-905x to a recommended power supply.


    Refer to cRIO-905x Ports and Connectors in the Features section for connector and port locations on the cRIO-905x.

    The cRIO-905x requires a 9 V to 30 V DC external power supply. The cRIO-905x filters and regulates the supplied power and provides power for the C Series modules.

    The POWER LED on the cRIO-905x indicates which power input is in use, as shown in the following table.

    Table 1. POWER LED Indicators
    LED Color LED Pattern Indication
    Green Solid The cRIO-905x is powered on and the connected power supply is adequate.
    Off The cRIO-905x is off.

    Do not connect the power connector to a DC mains supply or to any supply that requires a connecting cable longer than 3 m (10 ft). A DC mains supply is a local DC electricity supply network in the infrastructure of a site or building.

    What to Use

    • Ferrite (included in kit)
    • Screwdriver, 2.54 mm (0.10 in.) flathead
    • Primary power supply, 9 V to 30 V, 60 W minimum

    NI recommends the power supplies listed in the following table for the cRIO-905x.

    Table 2. NI Power Supplies
    Power Supply Part Number
    NI PS-15 Industrial Power Supply (24 VDC, 5 A, 100 VAC to 120 VAC/200 VAC to 240 VAC input) 781093-01
    NI PS-10 Desktop Power Supply (24 VDC, 5 A, 100 VAC to 120 VAC/200 VAC to 240 VAC input) 782698-01

    What to Do

    Complete the following steps to connect a power supply to the cRIO-905x.

    1. Ensure that your power supply is powered off.
    2. Install the ferrite (National Instruments part number 711849-01, included in the shipping kit) on the negative and positive leads of the power supply, as shown in the following figure.
      Figure 1. Installing a Ferrite on the Power Leads
      1. Pass the leads through the ferrite twice, leaving 50 mm to 75 mm (2 in. to 3 in.) between the ferrite and the end of the leads.
      2. Close the ferrite around the leads.
    3. Remove the power connector from the cRIO-905x.
    4. Connect the power supply to the power connector, as shown in the following figure.
      Figure 2. cRIO-905x Power Connections
    5. Tighten the terminal screws on the power connector to 0.20 N · m to 0.25 N · m (1.8 lb · in to 2.2 lb · in) of torque.
    6. Install the power connector on the front panel of the cRIO-905x.
    7. Tighten the power connector screw flanges to 0.20 N · m to 0.25 N · m (1.8 lb · in to 2.2 lb · in) of torque.
    8. Power on the primary power supply. When you power on the cRIO-905x for the first time, the device boots into safe mode. The POWER LED illuminates, the STATUS LED illuminates briefly, and then the STATUS LED blinks twice every few seconds, indicating the controller does not yet have software installed.

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