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Mounting Requirements for the cRIO-904x

    Last Modified: August 30, 2018

    Use the following to ensure you meet the cooling and cabling clearance requirements for mounting cRIO-904x models.

    Your installation must meet the following requirements for cooling and cabling clearance for all cRIO-904x models.

    Allow 25.4 mm (1.00 in.) on all sides of the cRIO-904x for air circulation, as shown in the following figure.

    Figure 1. cRIO-904x Cooling Dimensions

    Allow the appropriate space in front of C Series modules for cabling clearance, as shown in the following figure. The different connector types on C Series modules require different cabling clearances. For a complete list of cabling clearances for C Series modules, visit and enter the Info Code crioconn.

    Figure 2. cRIO-904x Cabling Clearance

    Measure the ambient temperature at each side of the cRIO-904x, 63.5 mm (2.50 in.) from the side and 38.1 mm (1.50 in.) forward from the rear of the cRIO-904x, as shown in the following figure.

    Figure 3. Ambient Temperature Location
    1. Measure the ambient temperature here.

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