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BIOS Setup Utility Keyboard Navigation

    Last Modified: August 30, 2018

    Use the following keys to navigate through the BIOS setup utility:

    Table 1. Navigation Keys
    Key(s) Function(s)
    Left Arrow, Right Arrow Move between the different setup menus. If you are in a submenu, these keys have no effect, and you must press <Esc> to leave the submenu first.
    Up Arrow, Down Arrow Move between the options within a setup menu.
    <Enter> Enter a submenu or display all available settings for a highlighted configuration option.
    <Esc> Return to the parent menu of a submenu. At the top-level menus, this key serves as a shortcut to the Exit menu.
    <+>, <-> Cycle between all available settings for a selected configuration option.
    <F8> Load the previous values for all BIOS configuration settings.
    <F9> Load the optimal default values for all BIOS configuration settings. The optimal default values are the same as the shipping configuration default values.
    <F10> Save settings and exits the BIOS setup utility.

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