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Downloading User Programs

    Last Modified: September 6, 2017

    Follow these steps to download the User Program to the C Series Functional Safety module.

    1. Open the LabVIEW project (.lvproj) created to monitor the safety system.
    2. Right-click the module in the LabVIEW project and select Properties.
    3. Click the Read Module button in the Current User Program section.
    4. Verify current Build Number and Program GUID.

      If no User Program has been downloaded to the module, the fields will display as follows:

      • Build Number: 0
      • Program GUID: {00000000-0000-0000-000000000000}
      • Mode: Unprogrammed
    5. Click the folder icon next to the Path to New User Program field in the New User Program section.
    6. Locate and double-click the User Program (.bin).
    7. Click the Download Program button to deploy the selected User Program to the C Series Functional Safety module. The Download Program window will open.
    8. Type yes and click OK. The Download Message field will indicate successful completion or error. In the case of an error, click the Details button for more information.
    9. Verify the Build Number and Program GUID fields have updated to match the build number and program GUID of the new User Program. In the Functional Safety Editor, the build number and program GUID are displayed on the Module and Diagram tab of the configuration pane.
    10. Verify the module mode has updated to Verification Mode in the Mode field.
    11. Click OK.

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