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Configuring Test Pulses

    Last Modified: September 6, 2017

    Test pulses are defined by four configurable parameters in the I/O Configuration table. You can modify these parameters to meet the application requirements for your system.

    • Output line loading
    • Test pulse width
    • Test pulse period
    • Debounce filter

    You can constrain the test pulse width and test pulse period to reduce inaccuracy and uncertainty. You must configure the test pulse width and test pulse period based on your output line load. Refer to the Test Pulse Parameters section for suggested parameter values.

    Follow these steps to configure test pulses.

    1. Set output line loading based on configuration. Refer to the Output Line Load Recommendations table in the Output Line Load section.
    2. Set the minimum test pulse width based on output line loading. Setting the smallest possible test pulse width minimizes the input signal response time. Refer to the Minimum test pulse parameters table in the Test pulse parameters section.
    3. Set the test pulse period to greater than or equal to four times the test pulse width. Test pulse period ≥ 4 × Test pulse width
    4. Set the debounce filter based on the output loading and the test pulse parameters. Refer to the Filter Times for Test Pulses section.

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