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Auto Start

    Last Modified: September 6, 2017

    • The auto start function starts the User Program under the following conditions:
      • When you cycle external power to the module
      • After successful download of a User Program
      • On power up
      • When you change operating modes
    • Auto start is enabled by default. You can disable or enable auto start with the Auto start checkbox on Module and Diagram tab.
    • If auto start is enabled, the User Program starts when the module changes to Verification Mode after a successful download.
    • If auto start is disabled, users must restart the User Program from the Start Program Method in LabVIEW.
    • Auto start disables when the User Program triggers Fail-safe mode.

      Auto start disables after User Program triggered faults to stop fail-safe loops and allow you to download a new User Program.

    • Cycling external power twice after the module goes into Fail-safe mode re-enables auto start.
    • Auto start does not disable when automatic self-diagnostics trigger Fail-safe mode.

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