DataFinder Server Edition

File-Based Data Management and Mining

With DataFinder, you can index data from any file format regardless of source to perform more effective search queries and manage who has access to download, analyze, and create reports from data.

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Find and Load the Right Data in Seconds

Aggregate data from multiple sources to perform simple and advanced queries to quickly find the exact data set you need to analyze.

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Data Preprocessing and Standardization

The preprocessing routine standardizes your metadata, units, and statistical calculations so that consistent analysis can be applied regardless of data source and format.

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User Management and Security

Import existing user permissions to control who can access and run analysis on certain data sets.

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Using DataFinder Server to Manage Data Collected Since 1985

Marco Mailand

ABB Switzerland High-Power Laboratory

The certification tests of high-power and high-voltage products typically require days of work-intensive setup for just a few seconds of actual test. This makes the core output of ABB’s business, the test data, a very valuable asset. The DataFinder indexing service empowers ABB to quickly find similar tests and avoid retesting similar devices under similar conditions. ABB can save up to $50,000 per test by simply avoiding the costs of rerunning tests for which existing data might be used.

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