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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Data Logging

A structural health monitoring (SHM) or a data-logging system using C Series hardware offers a flexible approach to both civil and aerospace structural tests. By using interchangeable, modular measurement tools and software that you can easily configure or fully program, you can design your test system around both your current and future needs. C Series hardware incorporates all needed signal conditioning and data acquisition in compact modules that are close in size to a deck of playing cards. These modules have rugged environmental ratings and can be combined to create higher-channel-count systems or systems with mixed measurements such as strain, force, torque, temperature, and displacement.

Product Information

C Series SHM systems and data loggers include more than 40 measurement modules and several chassis for deployment depending on the application.

Customer Case Studies

National Instruments can help with your structural monitoring system needs whether you need turnkey support or complete flexibility.

Tutorials, Webcasts, and How-To Resources

The NI Web site,, offers a large KnowledgeBase on structural measurements, sensors, instrumentation, and programming.