Multichannel Data Loggers

National Instruments multichannel PC-based data loggers provide multiple channels of temperature, load, pressure, voltage, current, or acceleration measurements. They are available in several different form factors and include free data-logging software. They can also be programmed with custom functionality using NI LabVIEW software.

USB, Wireless, or Ethernet

You can connect NI multichannel data loggers to your PC through USB, wireless, and Ethernet form factors. Each form factor provides different advantages for different applications.

USB - USB was originally designed to connect peripheral devices such as keyboards and mice, however, it has proven useful for other applications including connecting to measurement devices. USB is easier to use than many other PC buses because computers automatically detect the devices.

Ethernet - Ethernet is the backbone of almost every corporate network and, therefore, is widely available. Although Ethernet requires more configuration and networking knowledge than USB, it provides longer-distance measurements up to 100 m, or further if used with a hub, switch, or repeater.

Wireless - Wireless technology extends measurement capabilities to applications where cables are inconvenient or impractical. It can also dramatically reduce costs by eliminating cables and installation time.

Logging Data with FlexLogger

FlexLogger helps you build flexible, scalable data-logging systems with CompactDAQ hardware, no programming required. You can use sensor-specific configuration workflows to quickly set up, visualize, and log a mix of synchronized analog sensor, digital pulse frequency, and CAN measurements. FlexLogger automatically saves metadata documenting your test configuration, so you can quickly trace test results and make comparisons across multiple tests. You can interactively review test results in the integrated data viewer to visually inspect your data and draw conclusions.

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