NI DAQ Setup and Support

How Do I Get Help?

DAQ Discussion Forums

Ask questions, share answers, and learn with your peers in the NI Discussion Forums.

Product Support

Search for your product and view the latest manuals, drivers, KnowledgeBase articles, and tutorials.

Service Request Manager

Log in to create and view service requests with NI applications engineers.

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How Do I Set Up My System?

Getting Started

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Follow these steps to install, set up, and configure your DAQ hardware, and learn the basics of LabVIEW software.

Field Wiring and Noise Considerations

Explore the common issues and solutions when connecting signals to your DAQ device.

Product Manuals

DAQ Product Manuals

Search for your product and view the most up-to-date manuals, installation guides, and release notes.


Download NI-DAQmx

Download the latest and previous versions of the NI-DAQmx driver.

Example Code

NI Code Exchange

Search for example code to get started quickly or add new functionality to your application.

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Where Do I Find Training Resources?

Introductory Resources

Basic Programming With NI-DAQmx

See how to use Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and the DAQ Assistant to configure your DAQ system.

How-To Guide for Most Common Measurements

Learn the operating principles of common sensor types and how to use DAQ devices to take sensor measurements.

DAQ Video Demos

Watch short videos on performing common tasks using DAQ devices and LabVIEW.

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Getting Started With NI-DAQmx Programming in LabVIEW

Learn the common NI-DAQmx functions for building DAQ applications in LabVIEW.

Getting Started With NI-DAQmx Programming in Text-Based Languages

Discover how you can use NI-DAQmx functions in C and .NET programming languages.

Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) Functionality

Learn how MAX can help you configure your devices, create NI-DAQmx tasks, troubleshoot signal issues, and create simulated devices.

Advanced Resources

NI-DAQmx Property Nodes

Learn how to implement advanced NI-DAQmx functionality using property nodes.

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Triggering Techniques in NI-DAQmx

Find out how you can configure and use your device's analog and digital triggers in NI-DAQmx.

Synchronization in NI-DAQmx

Discover how you can synchronize multiple functions on a single DAQ device as well as synchronize multiple devices.

Creating an NI-DAQmx Application Installer With LabVIEW

Find out how to create an executable from your NI-DAQmx application. See how you can bundle your NI-DAQmx executable and NI-DAQmx runtime engine into a single installer.

Advanced Programming With NI-DAQmx

Explore how to take advantage of advanced NI-DAQmx functionality including property nodes, synchronization, and high-speed streaming.

User Groups

Learn, network, and enhance your skills by joining a local or virtual user group.

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Instructor-Led Training

View options for online and instructor-led courses on developing measurement systems using NI DAQ hardware.

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What Services Does NI Offer?

Calibration Services

NI provides a variety of calibration solutions, including services to recalibrate your products, service providers, manual calibration procedures, and automated calibration software specifically designed for use by metrology laboratories.

Warranty and Repair Services

Extended warranties help you meet project life-cycle requirements and cover NI product repair services, express repair, and advance replacement services.

Consulting and Integration

The NI professional services team, comprising NI engineers and worldwide NI Alliance Partners, can help you with prototyping, feasibility analysis, consulting, and systems integration.

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