Data Acquisition (DAQ)

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National Instruments DAQ devices provide high-performance I/O, industry-leading technologies, and software-driven productivity gains for your application.

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DAQ Devices

Portable DAQ


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Easily connected to any laptop or desktop.

Desktop DAQ

PCI & PCI Express

Installed into a PC slot for maximum data throughput.

Modular Systems

NI CompactDAQ

USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

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Customizable with a variety of chassis and module types.

PXI Platform

PXI & PXI Express

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Optimized for high channel counts and tight synchronization.

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Common DAQ Applications

View common DAQ applications and explore related technical materials on using a PC-based approach to save time and increase the performance of your test, monitoring, or control system.

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Compare DAQ Product Families

NI offers a wide-spectrum of PC-based DAQ devices and modular systems on a variety of PC buses. Compare the different types of NI products and select the right one to meet your application’s needs.

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Setup and Support

Learn how to get started quickly with National Instruments DAQ devices and view other resources for support, driver downloads, example code, and additional training.

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