Product Life Cycle

Reducing the impact NI has on the environment begins with its supply chain and product design. NI looks for opportunities to improve product development and manufacturing processes. NI also strives to remove harmful substances from existing products and prohibits the introduction of known harmful substances into new products. In addition, through a product recycling program, customers can send their end-of-life NI products back to be recycled.

Year in Review

2015 Highlights

Completed internal audits to pursue conformance with the ISO 14001 standard for the NI manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia

Surveyed all suppliers that make up the top 80% of NI production spend to assess EICC risk and reached 100% participation

2015 Challenges

Industry data available regarding the source of materials used in products is insufficient

2016 Commitments

Pursue certification for the ISO 14001 standard at the NI manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia, in 2017

Analyze results from suppliers on EICC risk assessment surveys and discuss plans for improvement

Tibor Nagy

Logistics Coordinator, Procurement at NI Hungary

Recently, two fellow employees approached Tibor Nagy with ideas for improving efficiency as well as decreasing the cost and carbon footprint of shipments. Tibor worked with another colleague to form a team to investigate the ideas. The team quantified the impact of the proposed changes, presented the information to get approval, and implemented the changes. As just one example, the team streamlined the packing slips and invoices included with shipments, which reduced the paper used by 86 percent.