Employee Philanthropy and Volunteerism

NI encourages employees to engage in community activities and donate their time, talent, and resources to organizations dedicated to their passions. Globally, these efforts are supported and implemented by various members of NI branch office staff who are aware of the local community needs and how they should respond. Around the world, NI employees use their innovative spirit to drive progress on community issues.

Employee Philanthropy

NI employees continue to rise to meet the needs of their local communities worldwide by growing their philanthropic gifts each year. In 2014, NI and employees continued the tradition of donating more than $1 million USD together through the NI Corporate Employee Giving and NI Matching Gifts programs.

While NI understands that charitable donations are personal, the company offers easy, meaningful ways for employees to give. Through NI’s online giving system, employees can make donations to the charity of their choice throughout the year. Employees can easily donate through a variety of channels including credit card and stock payments. Participating employees at NI headquarters are also encouraged to request that NI match donations given to qualified nonprofit organizations of up to $1,000 USD per year, which increases the impact of the employee’s contribution to the community.

Additionally, in the fall, the company hosts NI GIVES at NI headquarters in Austin, a campaign that reminds employees of the impact they can have on their communities through giving to causes they are passionate about. By sharing the company’s and employees’ experiences in giving back, performing random acts of kindness around campus, and volunteering with nonprofits, NI spreads the spirit of generosity both on and off campus. During this time, employees can also elect to deduct funds from their paychecks to be distributed to charities in the upcoming year. NI Shanghai, NI India, and NI United Kingdom offer employee giving options as well.

Employee Volunteerism

Each year, NI employees make a significant impact on their communities through volunteerism. For some employees, this means helping children that need a home or making the environment more beautiful. For others, it means partnering with NI to inspire students to pursue STEM careers.

At NI headquarters, the company offers easy ways for employees to get involved with their communities through volunteerism:

  • Over 140 NI employees volunteer as NI Robotics Mentors for local classrooms focused on STEM education and FIRST Robotics teams.
  • In addition to the NI Robotics Mentors program, one-time opportunities related to STEM education are available for individuals and teams.
  • Through an online giving and volunteerism system, employees can search for and organize volunteer opportunities for themselves and their teams throughout the year.
  • Employees who log 55 volunteer hours through the online tool are eligible to receive a company donation to the charity of their choice.

NI offices around the world also encourage employee volunteerism. For example, NI Costa Rica provided four large volunteer opportunities for employees doing activities like building a house, planting trees, and cleaning a national park. Additionally, NI Hungary has an award-winning Robotics Mentor Program, and NI Penang’s successful year-round Robotics Mentor Program has been recognized by several local businesses.

Mackenzie Roberson

Web Content Producer

Mackenzie, a web content coordinator in Austin, travels to Komga, South Africa, every year to volunteer with children at Open Arms Home. By teaching the children how to read, play sports, and complete everyday tasks, she encourages children who have lost their families to AIDS to maintain hope. “Working at a company that encourages community outreach provides me with a unique opportunity to help others across the globe while maintaining a career.” Mackenzie said. “NI really appreciates and recognizes employees that give their time to those in need, which makes volunteering even more gratifying.”