NI makes a positive impact by doing what it does best—applying engineering expertise toward critical societal issues and equipping engineers with tools that accelerate innovation and discovery. Through its employees, customers, business practices, and mission, NI is changing the way engineers address the biggest challenges we face today. NI works toward the long-term success of its key stakeholders and society through four focus areas for creating shared value: empowering engineers and scientists, inspiring and preparing the innovators of tomorrow, fostering an open and innovative work environment for all employees, and minimizing the company’s environmental impact.

Tamara Hudgins

Executive Director at Girlstart

"We see very clearly that National Instruments is not only a great catalyst of economic activity through its direct business activities, but also that the collective impact of National Instruments' skilled and generous employee base are a formidable asset to the region."

Top-Level Commitments


Invest 16% of revenue back into R&D


Donate 1% of pretax profits to primarily education initiatives


Maintain employee turnover rate at 25% lower than market average


Reduce carbon emissions per employee by 10% by 2023

Statement From the CEO (2016)

Dr. Truchard talks about creating shared value, conscious capitalism, and NI's progress.

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