Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

Many of the world’s most significant engineering challenges will be met decades in the future by the next generation of engineers and scientists. To inspire and prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators, NI invests in improving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education globally with contributions of time, technology, and financial support.

NI believes the best way to encourage students to pursue careers in engineering and science is to provide them with fun, hands-on experiences using real-world engineering tools. NI engages students using interactive robotics platforms powered by NI technology that teach engineering fundamentals, such as mechanics, electronics, and software programming. NI provides support for robotics competitions, in-classroom mentoring, STEM non-profits and enrichment programs. For additional information, please visit

2015 Program Goals

Grow number of students exposed to real-world engineering tools by:

  • Increasing NI technology adoption in global robotics competitions
  • Expanding reach of enrichment programs though partnerships with mission-aligned organizations

Program Initiatives

Powering Student Robotics Competitions

NI technology powers student robotics competitions that make science and engineering cool for kids while teaching core engineering concepts, problem-solving skills, and leadership principles.

Mentoring Young Minds

NI employees engage students in the classroom and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers by teaching fundamental concepts in relevant and interactive ways.

Fueling Discovery and Innovation

NI supports nongovernment organizations and educational institutions that provide afterschool activities, workshops, and summer camps geared toward introducing students to science and engineering concepts.


$1.79 Million

USD in financial and product donations were distributed to students, teachers, and collaborative nonprofit organizations for robotics outreach


NI employees served as robotics mentors in classrooms and through afterschool programs


Approximate number of students directly impacted by NI sponsorship of FIRST

Monique Johnson-Jones

Director of STEM Center at Huston-Tillotson University

"National Instruments' support of Huston-Tillotson University's STEM program makes it possible to hire the best instructors who deliver quality classroom lessons to students. Our partnership with NI has resulted in engaging hundreds of minority and low-income students who otherwise would not have access to pursue STEM careers."