Engineering Insights: Transforming the Future

Technology today is rapidly evolving. Staying ahead of the curve means thinking beyond current challenges and developing solutions for the future. With a platform-based approach that spans industries, NI helps deliver systems and insights to solve today’s greatest engineering challenges, including the race to bring 5G wireless to market, building a sensor-driven infrastructure that powers the Internet of Things, and fostering future innovators through STEM and maker movement initiatives.

Vanguards of Progress

Internet of Things

From sensors that capture vast amounts of data to the intelligent systems that transform information to insight, the Internet of Things has arrived.

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5G Wireless

As mobile data skyrockets and current standards reach the breaking point, a new age of wireless speed, bandwidth, and transmission fast approaches.

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STEM Education

Preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators means helping them put theory into practice and “do engineering” through hands-on learning.

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The Maker Movement

With growing access to professional-grade tools, the already-thriving maker movement is now bringing engineering into the mainstream.

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