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Expansion I/O for NI CompactRIO

NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) hardware products are being increasingly adopted in system-level applications that require high channel counts, intensive processing, and distributed I/O. Adding expansion I/O to the CompactRIO platform enables a 1 to N system topology with one controller and many field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and I/O nodes for flexible, high-channel-count systems that can perform both distributed control and centralized processing. The needs for high-channel-count systems are diverse, and NI's differentiated expansion I/O offering strives to provide a complete range of products to meet these needs.

Which Expansion I/O Option is Right for Me?

Choose the expansion option that is right for you based on criteria such as communication standard, channel count, bandwidth, and throughput.

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Explore Expansion I/O

MXI-Express RIO

Use high-performance expansion chassis for high-channel-count, high-throughput applications.

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Ethernet RIO

Add FPGA-enabled I/O to anywhere on your Ethernet network.

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Use deterministic I/O over EtherCAT for distributed applications.

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Wireless Sensor Networks

Easily monitor your assets with reliable, battery-powered measurement nodes.

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