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Developing a Portable 3D Vision-Guided Medical Robot for Autonomous Venipuncture

See how VascuLogic developed a portable, image-guided, medical robot that autonomously performs blood draws and other IV procedures when medical professionals are unable to successfully access veins.

Developing a High-Speed Electrical Analysis for Facility-Wide Energy Research

See how NREL used CompactRIO and LabVIEW to develop an easily reconfigurable power monitoring solution that provides researchers with the valuable real-time data they need to overcome the challenges of integrating renewable energy technologies on the grid.

Weather Radar: Design-to-Deployment Using the NI Platform

Learn how Furuno developed a compact weather radar to detect guerilla rainstorms in Japan, an application that has the potential to save many lives, and reduced their development time by more than 40 percent versus using a traditional approach.

Remote Condition Monitoring of London Underground Track Circuits

See how London Underground used the NI platform to reduce lost customer hours on the Victoria Line by 39,000 hours per year—an estimated annual savings of £350,000 in passenger disbenefit.

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