Build Embedded Control Systems Webcast Series

Learn the basics of building embedded control systems with a focus on common practical concepts. Presented by strategic NI Alliance Partners, each module references actual use cases and examples related to the fundamentals of embedded control systems.

Featured Webcasts

Control System Fundamentals—Control Algorithms (PID)

This webcast introduces the most common of all control algorithms: the proportional integral derivative (PID) controller. It discusses programming and deployment options, as well as advanced control design techniques. Learn about high-performance embedded control with LabVIEW software and the PID controller.

7 minutes

Peter Adelhardt
Head of Sales and Marketing, DATA AHEAD

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Bring I/O Into and Out of Your Control System

Engineers often consider the core components of a control system to be the control algorithm, sensors, and actuators. However, there is a lot to consider in between. This webcast explores interfaces and critical aspects of making a control system actually work.

10 minutes

David LaVine
Business Development Engineer, Viewpoint Systems, Inc.

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Building a Remote HMI Using Web Technologies

Explore the technologies for creating a human machine interface (HMI) for an embedded system when web services are a correct fit. This webcast includes a demo that displays a data dashboard created using Twitter Bootstrap, Google Charts, and jQuery UI elements served from a LabVIEW web service.

9 minutes

Jon McBee
Education Development Manager, Bloomy

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How to Implement Distributed Control

There are many choices to consider when implementing distributed control systems. Hear from an expert on the trade-offs and considerations in selecting hardware and building the software architecture, and then see how those choices can be implemented in a large distributed control system.

17 minutes

Robert Hoffman
Product Manager, Signal.X Technologies LLC

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Use FPGAs to Improve Performance

See the advantages of using FPGAs to reduce real-time controller processor loading, decrease overall processor time, effectively increase number of available CPU cycles, and build modular software as hardware solutions.

5 minutes

Ian Yeager
Software Team Lead, Cal-Bay Systems

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How to Drive Motors Using an Embedded Control System

This webcast demonstrates moving stepper, servo, or DC motors using an embedded control system. Learn how steppers work, the type of electrical impulses needed to operate them, control system options needed to drive and track motor movements, as well as motion control software options.

6 minutes

Joe Spinozzi
Chief Operations Officer, Cyth Systems

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How to Synchronize Movement of Motors in Two or More Dimensions

This webcast presents synchronized motion of motors in two or more dimensions using an embedded control system. Learn about required signals to control motors and see a demonstration of 11 coordinated steppers in a fluidics dispensing application.

6 minutes

Joe Spinozzi
Chief Operations Officer, Cyth Systems

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