End-of-Line Test


Successful automotive end-of-line test systems can stimulate, measure, and validate the functionality of automotive electronic control units, mechanical parts, and systems. Important factors include high test throughput, test completeness, and low system and upgrade costs. With the growing complexity of automotive electronics, it’s important to have a flexible test platform.

Discover a Complete Production Test System Architecture

The combination of National Instruments’ extensive PXI platform with complementary components from NI Alliance Partners and industry leaders creates a powerful, scalable automotive electronics end-of-line test platform:

Explore the NI Automotive End-of-Line Test Platform

Since inventing the PXI standard in 1997, NI has continued to grow this platform, which is ideal for automated test applications and offers the largest selection of platform options for automotive test:

See Examples in Action

Automotive companies have taken advantage of NI’s platform-based approach to achieve positive business results in their production lines:

Engineers Driven to Innovate

Almost 150 individual leaders in automotive engineering recap how they use NI-based solutions to address some of the industry’s biggest challenges across many application areas.

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