National Instruments and the Automotive Industry

Found at nearly every automotive OEM and supplier, National Instruments tools accelerate the entire development process by providing a platform that allows for maximum reuse and unifies design, validation, and automated test. With these flexible hardware and software tools, you can efficiently test throughout development—from concept to production.

  • Increased Automotive Complexity
    Test from concept to production with NI solutions.
  • Rapid Control Prototyping
    Get your device under test up and running quickly.
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
    Test embedded software using real-time simulation.
  • In-Vehicle Test and Logging
    Addressing key challenges with the NI In-Vehicle Logging Platform
  • Infotainment Test
    Perform complete infotainment test in one platform.
  • Test Cell Measurement and Control
    Wineman Technology, a National Instruments Gold Level Alliance Partner with over 20 years of experience in creating solutions for test applications, has particular expertise with test cells and dynamometers.

Testing From Concept to Production

Rapid Control Prototyping

  • Prototype electronic control unit (ECU) control strategies on real-time targets
  • Connect control models to real-world I/O
  • Reduce low-level implementation time and effort

Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

  • Truly open hardware and software platform
  • Wide variety of modular hardware I/O
  • Built on latest technology, including real-time multicore and FPGA

In-Vehicle Test and Logging

  • Use compact, rugged systems for in-vehicle measurements
  • Synchronize vehicle network and sensor data together
  • Quickly locate, inspect, analyze, and report on vehicle data

Infotainment Test

  • Single platform for testing RF, video, audio, vehicle networks, and other I/O
  • Ability to automate complex regression tests
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) test platform

Test Cell Measurement and Control

  • Integrate measurements with industrial test cell control
  • Perform servo-hydraulic and dynamometer control
  • Synchronize a variety of I/O with onboard vehicle data

End-of-Line Test

  • Modular, reliable test platform ideal for high throughput production
  • Extensive options for testing sensors, actuators, and ECUs
  • Connectivity to specialty instrumentation and load systems