Practical Guides for Building a Test System

Defining a test strategy is critical to reducing cost and maximizing the efficiency of your product development and manufacturing organizations. This guide details the recommended process for building test systems from start to finish. It presents many test engineer best practices that range from software, instrument, and rack selection to maintenance and deployment strategies.

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Identifying the Hardware Platform for Measurement Needs

Learn how to scope your system using the measurement requirements for your device(s) under test. From these requirements, evaluate the best test platform to serve as the core of your system to accommodate current and future instrumentation needs.

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Choosing Rack Type, Rack Size, and a Power Distribution Unit

Evaluate ways to optimize rack-mounted test systems to maximize the long-term investment. Review best practices in choosing rack type and size and important factors when considering a power distribution unit.

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Considering Switching, Mass Interconnect, and Fixturing

Analyze the options for the switching architecture, mass interconnect, and test fixture in the best order to efficiently connect your device(s) under test to the rest of the system.

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Evaluating Test Management Software

Learn to implement scalable test software through modular and open architectures that you can use off the shelf or completely customize. Explore best practices for using a test executive within your organization to maximize resources.

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Selecting the Right Development Environment

Application development environments (ADEs) play a critical, visible role when designing a test system. Minimize development time by choosing the right ADE that is intuitive and integrates with multiple platforms.

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Assembling and Deploying the Test System

Follow key steps in assembling a test system and take advantage of templates that document the complete process. Develop effective deployment strategies to ensure reliability during software deployment.

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