Automated Test Outlook 2016

The Automated Test Outlook is a comprehensive view of the key technologies and methodologies making a large impact on the test and measurement industry. One of the biggest challenges for test engineers and managers is staying current on technology trends. NI has a broad knowledge of technology trends and interacts with companies across many sectors, which gives us a unique view on the test and measurement market. This makes it possible for us to be a strategic partner with many of our key customers in identifying trends and industry best practices.

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How We Arrived at the Trends

We solicited feedback from the NI customer base of more than 35,000 companies worldwide and, with our research and development activities, generated quantitative and qualitative data to identify trends.

I/O: Standardizing Platforms From Characterization to Production

RFIC companies employ IP reuse and hardware standardization across the product design cycle to reduce cost and shorten time to market.

ARCHITECTURE: The Rise of Test Management Software

Off-the-shelf test executives are effective solutions for the influx of new programming languages.

COMPUTING: Harvesting Production Test Data

Semiconductor organizations pioneer real-time data analytics to reduce manufacturing test cost.

SOFTWARE: Life-Cycle Management Is All About Software

Obsolescence, OS churn, and compatibility challenge long life cycle projects—an age-old problem warrants revisiting.

BUSINESS STRATEGY: Making (mm)Waves in Test Strategy

Test managers are adopting modular solutions to economically validate high-frequency components.