Automated Test Outlook 2014

The Automated Test Outlook is a comprehensive view of the key technologies and methodologies making a large impact on the test and measurement industry. One of the biggest challenges for test engineers and managers is staying current on technology trends. National Instruments has a broad knowledge of technology trends and interacts with companies across many sectors, which gives us a unique view on the test and measurement market. This makes it possible for us to be a strategic partner with many of our key customers in identifying trends and industry best practices. For 2014, we highlight five major trends across five categories: business strategy, architecture, computing, software, and I/O.

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How We Arrived at the Trends

We solicited feedback from the NI customer base of more than 35,000 companies worldwide and, with our research and development activities, generated quantitative and qualitative data to identify trends.

BUSINESS STRATEGY: Organizational Proficiency

Test managers improve their organizational proficiency through smarter hiring, better onboarding, and more investment in training.

ARCHITECTURE: Managed Test Systems

New technologies help facilitate better test system management, which lowers test costs and maximizes uptime.

COMPUTING: Cloud Computing for Test

Cloud computing applied to automated test alleviates scalability and performance concerns.

SOFTWARE: Scalable Test Software Architectures

Software-based platforms help maximize longevity and scalability across a product’s life cycle.

I/O: Redefining the Notion of Sensors

Test managers need agile test solutions to address the significant growth of integrated sensors.