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NI Multisim Student Edition

Complete homework problems faster and innovate on your design projects with the NI Circuit Design Suite Student Edition. A circuit learning environment, with easy-to-use circuit capture and interactive simulation and analysis, Multisim allows you to grasp concepts quicker and gain deeper intuition for circuits.

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Multisim Student Edition

Multisim as a part of the Circuit Design Suite combines the intuitive environment with NI Ultiboard layout. This integrated tool chain for circuit capture, simulation, and layout allows you to use this product in a wide range of classes to:  

  • Simulate and analyze circuits for homework and pre-lab assignments
  • Explore breadboard in 3D  before lab sessions
  • Create printed circuit boards (PCBs) for design projects

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Please note:  You will be evaluating the Multisim Education Edition. Your purchase of the Multisim Student Edition will contain different functionality. 
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