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How to Become an NI LabVIEW Student Ambassador

All LabVIEW Student Ambassadors must be certified in LabVIEW and comfortable teaching their peers. Most LabVIEW Student Ambassadors are outstanding former National Instruments interns majoring in engineering or science. However, LabVIEW Student Ambassadors are always looking for smart and enthusiastic replacements to carry the torch when they graduate. All candidates must be LabVIEW certified, complete the application, submit their resume, and participate in a phone or in-person interview. If you are interested in becoming a LabVIEW Student Ambassador on your campus, review the recommended options listed below.

Options for Joining the LabVIEW Student Ambassador Program (Americas)

Already an Intern at NI

Attend the LabVIEW Student Ambassador info session during your internship at NI. Submit your resume and statement of interest to With your intern manager’s approval, you will be considered for becoming the ambassador for your campus.

Not an NI Intern, But LabVIEW Certified

If you haven’t interned with NI, you can still apply to become your school’s LabVIEW Student Ambassador. Submit your resume and statement of interest to You may be contacted for an interview. Let us know when you passed the most recent LabVIEW certification exam (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer [CLAD] minimum required).

Need to Get LabVIEW Certified

All LabVIEW Student Ambassadors are certified for CLAD at a minimum. You can get certified in several ways; pick the one that’s right for you.

LabVIEW Student Ambassador Job Description