What Is the SystemLink™ Server?

The SystemLink Server provides data, security, and communication services that enable all SystemLink applications.

Explore SystemLink Server Features

The SystemLink Server is core to all SystemLink installations and provides data, security and communications services that enable each SystemLink application to function at their maximum potential. For engineering lab and manufacturing environments where tools must adhere to all IT and business standards, SystemLink Server meets enterprise requirements for security, access control, fault tolerance, backup, and remote management.

Manage user, role, and access to systems and what information users can view and edit.

Manage Roles and Permissions

Manage user and group permissions, as well as system and data access.

Monitor Health and Performance

Improve system uptime and avoid unplanned downtime through proactive notifications of potential issues before they become a significant operational disruption.

Develop real-time monitoring dashboards and remote operator interfaces that can be deployed across your organization.

Create and Share Custom Dashboards

Develop real-time monitoring dashboards and remote operator interfaces that can be deployed across your organization.

Infrastructure Compatibility

Access Control

Define organizational workspaces whereby data, systems, and applications are secured through enforced access policies. Easily create new user roles and grant and revoke user privileges through the administrative interface. Simplify and scale access control by leveraging attributes available in established LDAP or Active Directory identity providers.

High Availability

Stay aware and in control of the SystemLink environment through automated tools to manage, monitor, and proactively alert before issues become problems. Ensure uptime and reliability by storing mission critical test data on dedicated database servers and network drives.

Data Security

Protect data against unauthorized access by encrypting data in motion with secure APIs based on HTTPS. Prevent data breaches through authentication and authorization access control policies.

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