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16-Bit, 32 Channels, 1 MS/s Analog Output Device—The PCIe-6738 is a high-speed, high-density analog output device designed to deliver simultaneous, multichannel updates for control and waveform output applications such as stimulus-response tests, including acoustic distortion testing, and simulation such as three-phase power simulation. In addition, the device provides eight 5 V TTL/CMOS digital I/O lines; two 24-bit, 20 MHz counter/timers; and digital triggering and external clocking capabilities. The PCIe-6738 can replace several kinds of instruments, including stand-alone proportional integral derivative (PID) controllers, low-speed arbitrary waveform generators, and function generators. You can control each data point for each channel to define common waveforms, such as square, sine, or sawtooth, as well as complex waveforms.

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