PXI Source Measure Unit

Precision, 10 fA Sensitivity Low-Current PXI Source Measure Unit—The PXIe‑4135 features 4-quadrant operation and sources up to 20 W of DC power. This module also features low-current measurements such as a 10 nA range and triaxial connectivity. With the unique analog‑to‑digital converter technology of this module, you can perform high-precision measurements with a current resolution of 10 fA or high-speed acquisitions at speeds up to 1.8 MS/s. The PXIe‑4135 is a hardware-timed instrument with a high-speed sequencing engine to synchronize acquisitions between multiple SMUs. The module supports direct DMA streaming between the host PC and SMU, so you can stream large waveforms and measurement data at the full update rate and sample rate of the instrument.