“KRACK” WiFi Vulnerability



The WiFi Protected Access (WPA) protocol has a security vulnerability that allows a potential attacker to execute a Key Reinstallation Attack (“KRACK”), and is commonly known as the KRACK WiFi vulnerability. This vulnerability is part of the WiFi standard itself, and therefore can affect nearly all implementations. The details of this vulnerability are documented in the Vulnerability Notes Database: External Link: VU#228519.


Affected Products

Listed below are the WiFi-enabled devices that NI currently sells and the associated driver/firmware patch distribution. We will update this page with links as more of the driver/firmware patches become available. Application instructions are on each respective software download page.


1 Patch is for latest four supported versions of LabVIEW: 2017 SP1, 2016, 2015 SP1, 2014 SP1.

2 Patch is for all versions of LabVIEW that support this model.


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