Reduce Risk for Electronics Automated Test Set Development

Engineers creating production test solutions for board electronics, system controllers and line replaceable units (LRUs), and power electronics systems need to reduce the cost and risk associated with developing and maintaining automated test sets (ATSs) that must last the lifecycle of the asset. Future-proofing the software architecture can account for the inevitability of instrumentation obsolescence. The key requirements for a solution like this are:


  • A modular software architecture and reusable libraries to accelerate development across multiple projects and programs.
  • Collaboration features for numerous and often geographically dispersed developers who are working in multiple languages.
  • Minimal time and risk involved in adding new system capabilities or managing obsolete instrumentation.   

Electronics Manufacturing Test Solution for Aerospace and Defense

  • Off-the-shelf application software provides a higher-level starting point for test.
  • Custom software can be created with modern programming languages such as G, C, C#, Python, and more.
  • InstrumentStudio™ software helps monitor and interactively debug system errors.
  • SystemLink™ software helps you create deployment packages, manage system configurations, streamline data aggregation and insight, and connect to manufacturing execution systems (MESs).

Solution Advantages

" Our Automated Test Engineering team was able to achieve up to 60 percent code reuse for each automated test and reduce overall test development time by up to 9X. Using the NI certification program, coupled with in-house training, we were able to develop the skills necessary to produce robust, flexible code—and maintain it across more than 200 test benches."

L3 Technologies


NI offers a variety of solution integration options customized to your application-specific requirements. You can use your own internal integration teams for full system control or leverage the expertise of NI and our worldwide NI Partner Network to obtain a turnkey solution.

NI 合作夥伴網路

NI 合作夥伴網路為全球社群,由頻域、應用與整體測試開發專家組成,並與 NI 密切合作,以滿足工程社群的需求。NI 合作夥伴是值得信賴的解決方案業者、系統整合商、顧問、產品開發人員,以及服務與銷售通道專家,擁有涵蓋諸多產業和應用領域的豐富技能。

Services and Support

NI partners with you throughout the life cycle of your application by delivering training, technical support, consultation and integration services, and maintenance programs. Accelerate your learning with our company-specific and geographic user groups. Build proficiency with online and in-person training options.

Aerospace and Defense Electronics Manufacturing Test Solution Brochure

Learn how you can reduce the cost and risk associated with developing and maintaining automated test sets (ATSs) that must last the lifecycle of your test system. NI’s solution for ATS and test program set (TPS) development scales to meet your current and future electronics test needs.