ECU Test System Safety and Maintenance Procedures Overview

This course covers the safety features of the ECU Test System along with the maintenance and calibration procedures required to maintain safe, reliable operation of your system.

Course Details:

ECU Test System Safety and Maintenance Procedures Course Outline

Lesson Overview Topics

Safely Operating the ECU Test System

This lesson reviews basic operating procedures for an ECU test system.

  • System Safety Features
  • System Safety Procedures
  • System Operation

Identifying Standard ECU Test System Components

This lesson overviews an ECU test system and shows you where to locate some of its main features.
  • System Hardware Overview

Preventative Maintenance Procedures

This lesson reviews routine preventative maintenance procedures required for optimal operation of the ECU Test System.

  • Routine maintenance procedures
  • System access
  • Environmental requirements

Troubleshooting with the Field Diagnostic Tester

This lesson demonstrates how to test and troubleshoot the system using the Field Diagnostic Tester (FDT).

  • What is the FTD?
  • What components does the FDT test?
  • Running the FDT software
  • When to use the FDT

Managing System Health with the ECU Test System maintenance software

This lesson you locate, configure, and run tests using the ECUTS Maintenance Software

  • System Health metrics
  • Diagnostics


ECUTS Calibration Procedures

This lesson reviews external and self-calibration and helps you plan a calibration schedule to ensure the reliability of the system and components.  

  • Calibration Intervals

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