Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) Version Installed with NI-VISA Drivers


The article lists the majority of NI-VISA driver releases along with their corresponding versions of Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) that were included with the installer.


Read First: NI-VISA Compatibility with NI MAX

As you install and upgrade other NI software like LabVIEW, or other NI device drivers, your version of NI MAX will be upgraded if the installer contains a higher version. However, this alone will not break compatibility with NI-VISA. Higher versions of NI MAX will always support lower versions of NI-VISA. 

If you are experiencing issues, most frequently conflicts arise between the version of NI-VISA and LabVIEW installed, or the version of NI-VISA and the version of Microsoft Windows that it supports.

Finding the Versions of NI MAX and NI-VISA Already Installed on your System

If you've already installed almost any NI software, you will have NI MAX installed on your system. Installing NI-VISA will also install NI MAX. To find the versions currently installed on your system:


The easiest way to tell which version of MAX you have installed is click Help»About from within MAX.


Expand My System»Software in NI MAX to find the version of NI-VISA installed.

Determine the Version of the NI Software Installed on My Computer further explains how to determine which NI software is currently installed on your system.

NI MAX Version Installed with Each NI-VISA Driver Release

See Additional Resources for more information and download resources.

Use this table to compare versions of NI-VISA to NI MAX.
Driver VersionMAX Version
NI-VISA 15.0MAX 15.0
NI-VISA 14.0.1MAX 14.0.1
NI-VISA 14.0MAX 14.0
NI-VISA 5.4.1MAX 5.5
NI-VISA 5.4MAX 5.5
NI-VISA 5.3MAX 5.4
NI-VISA 5.2MAX 5.3
NI-VISA 5.1.2MAX 5.1
NI-VISA 5.1.1MAX 5.0
NI-VISA 5.1MAX 5.0
NI-VISA 5.0.3MAX 4.7
NI-VISA 5.0.2MAX 4.7
NI-VISA 5.0.1MAX 4.7
NI-VISA 5.0MAX 4.7
NI-VISA 4.6.2MAX 4.6.1
NI-VISA 4.6.1MAX 4.6.1
NI-VISA 4.6MAX 4.6.1
NI-VISA 4.5.1MAX 4.6
NI-VISA 4.5MAX 4.5
NI-VISA 4.4MAX 4.5
NI-VISA 4.3MAX 4.4
NI-VISA 4.2MAX 4.3
NI-VISA 4.1MAX 4.2.1
NI-VISA 4.0MAX 4.1
NI-VISA 3.6MAX 4.0.3
NI-VISA 3.5.1MAX 4.0.2
NI-VISA 3.5MAX 4.0.2
NI-VISA 3.4.1MAX 4.0
NI-VISA 3.4MAX 4.0
NI-VISA 3.3.1MAX 3.1.1
NI-VISA 3.3MAX 3.1.1
NI-VISA 3.2MAX 3.1.1
NI-VISA 3.1MAX 3.1
NI-VISA 3.0.1MAX 3.0
NI-VISA 3.0MAX 3.0

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