PXIe-4480/4481 Adjustment Procedure Overview


As an addendum to the PXIe-4480/4481 Calibration Procedure, this document provides programming block diagrams that give an overview of the PXIe-4480 and PXIe-4481 performance adjustment procedures.

The following block diagrams provide an overview of the performance adjustment procedures for the PXIe-4480 and the PXIe-4481. You can adjust these modules using either of two methods:

  • "Minimum Time Method" adjusts the voltage gain of all channels in parallel.
  • "Minimum Cabling Method" adjusts the voltage gain of each channel separately.

Performance is not affected by the choice; the trade-off is simply between adjustment time and cabling complexity.

For detailed adjustment procedures, refer to the PXIe-4480/4481 Calibration Procedure on ni.com.


PXIe-4480 Adjustment, Minimum Time Method:

PXIe-4480 Adjustment (Minimum Time Method)


PXIe-4480 Adjustment, Minimum Cabling Method:

PXIe-4480 Adjustment (Minimum Cabling Method)


PXIe-4481 Adjustment, Minimum Time Method:

PXIe-4481 Adjustment (Minimum Time Method)


PXIe-44810 Adjustment, Minimum Cabling Method:

PXIe-4481 Adjustment (Minimum Cabling Method)


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