NI InsightCM™ Online Monitoring Demo Data Warehouse


Thank you for your interest in the NI InsightCM Data Warehouse, which hosts the raw data generated by the NI InsightCM Online Monitoring Demo. This white paper will guide you through accessing the Data Warehouse.



The NI InsightCM Data Warehouse hosts all the raw data generated by the NI InsightCM Online Monitoring Demo. After the data is received by NI InsightCM, it is exported as TDMS files which contain the raw waveforms and calculated features. These files are stored and publicly available in the Data Warehouse. For more information on the NI InsightCM Online Monitoring Demo, please visit


Downloading Data

Data can be downloaded from the data warehouse via a web UI or REST API. The data is separated by asset and stored as a zip folder containing the TDMS files for the specified asset for one day. 


Access the NI InsightCM Data Warehouse Web UI


The zip folders are stored as objects in Amazon S3. Programmatic access to the objects can be obtained via the Amazon S3 REST API with the bucket name of insightcm-files-niwsc-com. 


View the Amazon S3 REST API Documentation


You may list the objects and get an object without authentication. Access via the AWS SDKs is currently not available.


TDMS File Format

A TDMS file is optimized for storing measurement data – both waveforms and metadata – to disk. While this is a NI-developed file format, the structure of this file is documented to allow a variety of tools to read data from TDMS files. For more information, please see this white paper.

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